Crypto, Data and Privacy: Part II - London crypto landscape; Capital Markets companies are leading

eToro acquired Delta, Arweave raised $5m, European union not happy with Libra, Dune Analytics and Binance

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🙈Europe is leading in crypto but no one knows about it: A data-driven analysis of the London ecosystem — Part II


  • The Capital Market segment represents the largest segment of digital assets companies

  • The ecosystem remains young, c. 3 years old, on average companies raised on average c. $9.5m equivalent to Series A. However, the median number is only $4.5m

  • Hence, the overall ecosystem remains at pre-Series A and has few outliers with large war chests

  • On funding, London-based companies raised $410m+ while completely missing the ICO boom

  • On average companies are at Series A+ size with 41 FTE but there are few outliers driven by the large capital markets importance and need for compliance driven the median number of FTE to 18. In other words, it’s early days

  • Using our framework, we further highlight that there are many opportunities to build Capital Markets startups opportunities from OMS/OEMS, News, Charting, Dashboard, Communication as well as Lending / Repo, Index etc…

  • London is the European capital for international companies searching for an European office

ps: the analysis is pretty long. But it offer a great way for anyone looking to invest / analyse or assess what are the gaps in the markets. Don’t hesitate to share comments!

Check out the analysis and cool graphics

🤹 Startups News

  • Dune Analytics, an analytics platform for querying and visualizing data from the Etheruem blockchain, has officially come out of stealth mode, making its platform publicly available for users. The firm's customers include Dharma, Argent, Binance, and Gnosis

  • The Aragon community has officially proclaimed itself against ProgPOW. ProgPOW is a proposed protocol change to the Ehereum network that would close the efficiency gap available to application-specific integrated circuits

  • Bitcoin (BTC) friendly Czech crypto-anarchist movement Paralelní Polis has received a warning from the country’s central bank for issuing its own coins, commemorative silver tokens it is currently minting

🎁 Startups Product & Partnership


🏦Regulations / Universities

“I am for a very severe regulation of capital markets, of what is called the shadow banking sector. In the future, monetary policy will be a mix of a pragmatic inflation targeting and the control of monetary aggregates […] because we are trying to put a stop to the movement of money in the economy”

  • Meanwhile, the European Union is looking to launch their own digital currency. Though this is early talk and it will most likely take few years before implementation leaving Libra a first mover advantage unless they got blocked by regulators

  • Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Binance to work together on “establishing the potential legal status of virtual assets and currencies in the country”

💰Fundings & M&A

  • eToro announced it acquired crypto portfolio tracker app Delta. It is unclear how much eToro spent for this acquisition. Once the acquisition and integration are complete, eToro’s users will gain access to a lot more information from over 175 exchanges and 6,000 digital assets

  • Arweave, a Berlin-based startup raised $5m led by Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z Crypto, with the participation of Union Square Ventures and Multicoin Capital

    • About: Arweave is building a self-sustaining, community-run archival storage network. The Arweave protocol undergirds what the startup refers to as the permaweb, a low-cost, zero maintenance, permanent hosting of users web apps and web pages. In other words, it aims to be a new type of archive system that can never be deleted and always accessible

    • Technology: Users pay for a couple hundred years of storage up front for only the capacity needed at the time. Over time, it scales with the user’s needs

    • Incentive: Miners are paid AR tokens to offer up their computers’ unused storage space, using what Arweave calls a “Proof-of-Access (PoA)” algorithm similar to Proof-of-Work

    • Traction: The Arweave mainnet launched in June 2018 and more than 100 community-built application was launched

    • Application: There are immediate applications for permanence on the Web today in government, media, classrooms, courtrooms

    • Peers: It sits in the same category as other decentralized file storage systems such as Filecoin, Sia and Storj

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