🇪🇺 Crypto Weekly Updates #10: Nexus Mutual

AZTEC Protocol, TokenDaily, Guesser, Guardtime, Blockchain, Clause, Polkadot and more!

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This is the #10 issue of my European crypto newsletter aiming to give updates on corporates, startups and regulation in 🇪🇺

Everyone is talking about San Francisco as the epicentre of everything in crypto. Well, I wanted to shed lights on Europe and show how exciting the ecosystem is.

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🙈Who’s behind this?

This section aims to give the opportunity to introduce some of the best 🇪🇺 founders. Most people loves their products but don’t know who are the founders behind them. Hello World.

Nexus Mutual

Hi Hugh, you recently launched Nexus Mutual after 15 years of experience in the insurance industry; can you share a bit about your background?

Yes, sure. I’m an actuary by training and spent around 10 years working for life insurance companies in Australia before moving to London in 2012 where I joined Munich Re, one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. I was most recently the CFO for Munich Re’s life operations in the UK and Ireland before leaving to work on Nexus Mutual full time. I have done very basic coding in the past, which has definitely helped along the way, but I’m not a developer.

How did you get into the bitcoin and blockchain industry?

I stumbled upon bitcoin in 2011 on some internet forum and actually ended up buying my first few with premium text messages, I even mined through my browser at the time, everyone just seemed to be hacking things together. It was fascinating and I didn’t really understand everything but it grabbed my interest and didn’t really let go. Having said that, I did push it to the background for a few years, mainly because I couldn’t work out what to do with bitcoin, apart from payments, and that didn’t really interest me. Then Ethereum came along and I immediately saw the potential to apply my insurance knowledge to create a new type of insurance entity.


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🤹 Startups

  • A primer on prediction markets, including Guesser and Gnosis. The good people at TokenDaily recently published a mapping. Have a look [Source]

  • In June 21, 2019, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published updated guidance for Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers following a public consultation period. Elliptic provided a response to that formal consultation and outlined the importance of blockchain forensics for effective risk management of virtual assets [Source]

  • EY, Sensyne Health and Guardtime to use AI and blockchain to link health care reimbursement and actual patient outcomes. PS: if you don’t know Guardtime. You are missing out. They are one of the best enterprise blockchain company! [Source]

  • Macrina Kgil, CFO of Blockchain, spoke with The Block about her day-to-day responsibilities and future plans for tech company Blockchain. While Blockchain isn’t yet profitable, Kgil said the company’s Swap product is its main revenue generator [Source]

  • Samourai Wallet launched a beta version of Whirlpool, a CoinJoin service that enhances transaction privacy. Whirlpool is said to operate on Dojo, a much awaited Bitcoin node built to work with the wallet. This added feature disassociates crypto senders and their recipients, and makes it difficult to track the financial exchange. [Source]

  • Wirex is planning an IEO on OkEx. More info [Source]


  • Dukascopy Bank SA, Swiss Banking group, shared more information on its stablecoin based on ERC-20 [Source]

  • SIX, Switzerland’s largest stock exchange, has listed another crypto basket which is based on the Bitwise 10 Select Large Cap Crypto Index. An exchange-traded product (ETP) in nature, it is launched by the Swiss fintech company Amun AG and the product is dubbed Amun Bitwise Select 10 large cap crypto ETP. [Source]

🏦Regulations / Universities

  • Europol, in conjunction with the UK Cyber Crime Unit, the Dutch police, Eurojust, and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), coordinated the arrests of 6 people, from the UK and Netherlands, suspected of stealing ~$40m in cryptocurrency.  [Source]

  • As Russia’s cryptocurrency bill slowly inches forward, a government official has hinted at what may lie ahead when the legislation is finally passed. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev said “There is a range [of possibilities] from prohibition to the possibility of purchase. Like with foreign currency, it would be possible to buy and sell [cryptocurrencies], but impossible to use them for payments. After a political decision is made on this issue, we will have the responsibility.” [Source]

  • Irish cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane may have pulled an exit scam, stealing users’ funds. Bitsane exchange, which offers spot trading of cryptos and gained popularity as an early provider of XRP trading, has gone offline and has deleted its social media accounts. [Source]


  • Digital contract management startup Clause has raised $5.5m in a Series A round led by crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital. The funding round also saw investment from electronic signature pioneer DocuSign and Galaxy Digital’s EOS Venture Capital Fund, which is backed by EOS blockchain maker Block.one and other investors. [Source]

  • The Web3 Foundation has closed on a private sale of tokens to fund the development of Polkadot, started by ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. The Swiss nonprofit said Thursday that the 500,000 DOT tokens (5 percent of the total supply) were sold at the targeted valuation for the project of $1.2bn. [Source]