🇪🇺 Crypto Weekly Updates #8: Commerce Block

Commerce Block Interview, TokenAnalyst, Paxful, Hodl Hodl, Samourai, Facebook, Bitrefill etc...

Hej Everyone,

This is the #8 issue of my European crypto newsletter aiming to give updates on corporates, startups and regulation in 🇪🇺

Everyone is talking about San Francisco as the epicentre of everything in crypto. Well, I wanted to shed lights on Europe and show how exciting the ecosystem is.

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🙈Who’s behind this?

This section aims to give the opportunity to introduce some of the best 🇪🇺 founders. Most people loves their products but don’t know who are the founders behind them. Hello World.

Commerce Block

Background: I met Nicholas in early 2017. The ICO phenomenon was just starting and had already started to work on Commerce Block after coming back from NYC. Commerce Block is one of the few project that raised ICO, build a side chain to leverage BTC and is based in London.

Please click on this link to read the interview

 💵 Job of the week

Kevin at Galois Capital is one of the best crypto quant fund manager that I know.

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🐦 Tweet of the week

🤹 Startups

  • TokenAnalyst launched full historical data for the flow of crypto into/out of exchange-controlled wallets. This is one of the best tool for traders that I’ve seen [Source]

  • Peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace Paxful has announced it has partnered with blockchain exchange and wallet AirTM. The move means Paxful users will now be able to fund and withdraw Bitcoin from their accounts using AirTM as a payment method. [Source]

  • Hodl Hodl recently added support for the Lightning Network. Now, every user at Hodl Hodl exchange can trade Bitcoin using Lightning Network. [Source]

  • Mobile Bitcoin wallet Samourai is partnering with French hardware retailer Nodl to create a Bitcoin node device that syncs with Samourai’s privacy-focused mobile wallet. [Source]

  • European investment manager Peakside Capital Advisors launched a real estate fund for the German market using blockchain technology in partnership with Brickblock [Source]


  • Facebook and dozens of partners are set to unveil the Libra Association and Libra Blockchain next week. But what’s even more interesting is that most of the team is in New-York and the foundation is in Geneva. Yup. Go Europe! [Source]

  • French video gaming giant Ubisoft is allegedly exploring potential blockchain applications in gaming as a strategy to gain a more competitive edge in the industry [Source]

🏦Regulations / Universities

  • Europol is developing a game aimed to teach law enforcement officers how to tackle crypto crime. [Source]

  • Lithuania plans to require ID for all crypto transactions over €1,000. This is in line with the recent KYC/AML trend that we talked about last week. [Source]


  • Bitcoin startup Bitrefill, which offers Bitcoin gift cards for mainstream brands, and Lightning-enabled payment services, plans to expand to new jurisdictions thanks to venture backing. Bitrefill closed a $2m seed round led by Coin Ninja, with participation from Litecoin creator Charlie Lee [Source]