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The Best Engine Oil Brands

Lubricating oils are responsible for cleaning the engine and for the correct and efficient functioning of the moving parts of vehicles, which are of great importance in the maintenance of cars , being essential for the durability of the engine and for adequate fuel consumption.

The automakers, in the owner's manual, indicate the specifications of the lubricating oil that must be used in each model of vehicle, but to guarantee the quality of the product you are using in your car, knowing the brands of motor oil available on the market is very important.

If you have doubts about which brand of lubricating oil to choose, see below the list with the main brands available in the country!

The 8 best engine oil brands on the market

When choosing the lubricating oil to use in your car it is important to consider the reliability and credibility of the product manufacturer and also the vehicle manufacturer's preferred brand. To assist you in this decision, check out the eight best brands according to consumer research!

1 ° Lubrax

The best-selling motor oil brand in the country, the Lubrax Lubricants line offers high-tech products for cars, motorcycles, SUVs, SUVs, trucks, buses, vans and agricultural vehicles. And for the second year, the best brand of motor oil in Brazil was chosen.

2nd Castrol

With over 100 years of history, Castrol is a world leader in the production of lubricating oils. And it offers high-tech oils for automotive engines, always being among the quality champions in the segment.

3rd Shell

A world leader in the sale of automotive lubricants, Shell is a pioneer in this market in Brazil and has a diversified portfolio of products and solutions for vehicles. It has been recognized for decades as one of the best car oil brands in the country.

4th Petronas

The lubricant brand of the Malaysian state giant, which is today one of the world leaders in the petrochemical segment, has conquered the Brazilian market and entered the list of the best lubricating oils available in the country.

5 ° Esso / Mobil

Another world leader, Esso has a long tradition in the sale of automotive lubricants and continues to be recognized in the national market as one of the best engine oil brands. Find more here: castrol edge vs mobil 1

6 ° Ipiranga

Brazilian brand, Ipiranga is the national leader in fuel distribution and is currently also recognized for the quality of its lubricating oil line.

7 ° Texaco / Havoline

Texaco's automotive lubricant brand, Havoline offers several types of engine oils, in addition to radiator fluids , products recognized for their quality and reliability.

8th ELF

Leader for more than 45 years in the supply of lubricants and motor oils, ELF is internationally recognized for the excellence of its products and for its commitment to sustainable development.

Now that you know the best brands of engine oil, you can now choose the best product for your car more safely. Share this post and help other drivers choose the best lubricant for their vehicles and stay here in SóCarrão magazine to have access to more interesting content about the automotive universe!