Common Market: Crypto, Data and Privacy in Europe

Lacero (Platform for crypto safeguarding to sit on top of custody solutions)

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This section aims to give the opportunity to introduce some of the best 🇪🇺 founders. Most people loves their products but don’t know who are the founders behind them. Hello World.

Lacero (Platform for crypto safeguarding to sit on top of custody solutions)

Hi Rashid, after a career in investment banking you started Lacero with Yuri Vizitei and Stuart Winter, can you share a bit of the background on yourself and your team members and how you met them?

Whilst working in finance I was an active investor in technology startups, and an LP in some outstanding early-stage tech funds like Hoxton Ventures and Entrepreneur First. When I met my partners Yuri and Stuart they had some very compelling technology — an invention for Data Security — that they had developed and were looking to commercialise it. I was so impressed and saw such significant potential that we agreed I would join them as a partner to help bring its value to the market.

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“Market conditions necessitated early action [...] The layoffs are a preemptive measure, meant to stave off the unexpected, including the possibility of an economic downturn [...] We think that acting now is best for the long-term health of the business.”

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Starting from 2020, the scheme will make €100 million available to support AI and blockchain-based products and services. This is expected to attract a further €300 million from private investors.

Everyone is talking about San Francisco as the epicentre of everything in crypto. Well, I wanted to shed light on Europe and show how exciting the ecosystem is.

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